(from 30 min to 90 min) From 45

This is a massage that will adapt to you, ot only to your body and its needs of the moment, but also to your mood. Let your heart speak out by choosing the colours it feels like following. Personnalized body massage, based on vegetable oils and organic essential oils


(60 min) 75

This massage has a detox/draining action which helps you digest and eliminate toxins, thanks to the work on your stomach. The body and mind are relaxed, but energized by the combination of gentle and tonic movements.

SHARING (from 4 months of pregnancy)

(60 min) 75

Mom and baby can experience this peaceful and gentle moment together. I will use a nourishing vegetable oil to massage you, without any risk for your baby. The movements are all-encompassing, gentle and help to relieve the mom's legs and back.


(90 min) 115

Break away! Thanks to this deep, energetic massage, we will chase away all the negativity from your body. The combination of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian techniques will allow you to make way for lifestyle renewal.


(75 min) 90

These little warm towels will prepare your body to be massaged. The heat spreads to soften and relax your muscles. The manual techniques have a relaxing and stress-relieving effect.


(45 min) 55

Dien Chan's technique is a facial reflexology of Vietnamese origin. It is used i n beauty treatments to firm and tone tissues. The anti-ageing action is achieved thanks to the use of small painless accessories (no product application). To obtain a lasting effects, you will need 5 treatments which comes with a complimentary treatment.


(60 min) 65

This manual massage is a Japanese technique. It relaxes the facial muscles, rejuvenates and smoothes the skin. The complexion is brighter. In addition, your body is completely relaxed (use of an oil).


(60 min) 75

This is a complete facial treatment, with a relaxing face/head massage and the application of Altearah products. It oxygenates and hydrates your skin which becomes soft and smooth.


(120 min) 160

This Ritual, which I specifically designed for you, is an invitation to escape. Manipulations are carried out on the entire body and face.
From the prelude to the gourmet break, you will have the time to appreciate the entire service.

Through slow and deep movements, you can forget about the outside world and let go, your muscles are both softened and stimulated.
Not to mention your complexion which looks much more radiant. Enjoy the feel of your body and face. Guaranteed relaxing effect!


(20 min) 30

Do you feel like softening, cleansing your skin or evening out your tan? Then this treatment is ideal for you.


(45 min) 65

To have a renewed and toned skin, the combination of a scrub and nourishing oil is perfect.

LITTLE ANGEL (from 1 to 13 years old, without essential oil)

(20 min) 30

Why not? Your children also like being pampered! This soft and tender body massage soothes their soft skin and relaxes their mind.